Many women around the world tend to have issues with finding a bra that fits right because they don’t know their bra size. With all the letters and numbers, it can get pretty confusing. If more people know how to measure bra size, then it definitely will make buying bras easier. Well, to save you all of the discomforts of an ill-fitting bra, grab your measuring tape, and follow these instructions so you know how to measure your bra size. 

Band Size

To measure under your bust and get your band size, you should wear your best fitted unpadded bra or no bra at all. You should also make sure you are 100% comfortable and at ease. Your breathing should be relaxed and you shouldn’t suck your stomach in or hold your breath. Measure under your bust, which is where your band will rest. Note the measurement and round up to the nearest even number.  

Bust Size

While wearing your best fitting bra, take the measuring tape and measure the fullest part of your bust. Make sure the tape is snug but not too tight and comfortable but not too loose. Take deep breaths to make sure breathing is comfortable and make sure you’re not holding your breath or sucking your stomach in. If what you measure isn’t a whole number, then round it up to the nearest whole number. 

Cup Size 

Cup sizes might vary depending on the maker of the bra, but having your bust and band size make it easier to navigate. To get your cup size, you should subtract your band size from your sup size. Whatever difference you get will determine your cup size. 

Difference Cup Size 
less than 1AA
Using the UK size chart

With all the information provided, you should be able to accurately measure your bra size, and find bras that fit comfortably.

Why is it important to know how to measure bra size? 

It is important to know your bra size because it makes buying bras very easy. No longer will you go bra shopping and have to guess what kind of bras will fit. It helps you save money, and will reduce the clutter in your house because you stop buying bras you no longer need. 

Knowing how to measure your bra size also helps reduce the pain felt when you wear a bra that fits wrongly. It elevates pressure on the chest and makes wearing a bra feel more comfortable for your body type.



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