Bodies are different in a lot of ways, so not every woman has the same body type. In this article, we talk about seven of the most common female body types.

1) The Hourglass Body Type

female body types hour glass shape

This is one of the most coveted female body types. People with hourglass body types (or figure 8 as it’s commonly called) have chests and hips that are the same size — or at least have very similar sizes — while their hips are considerably smaller than the aforementioned body types.

2) The Pear Body Type

Pear Body Shape: female body types

A simple characteristic of this female body type is having wider hips than the bust and shoulders. The hips are usually the most noticeable thing about this body type and your waist is fairly defined.

3) The Rectangular body type

Fashion For Athletic And Rectangle Body Types: Expert Style Guide | by  Aditi Bhatla | Sociomix

One has a rectangular body type is when their hips, waist, and bust have similar measurements. Your shoulders and hips are about the same size lengthwise. This means that the body gives off a rectangular shape. Outfits with cinched waists tend to give more definition to this body type.

4) The Apple Body Type

Flatter Your Figure: The Apple Body Shape

A simple way to know if you have an apple body type is if you have an undefined waist and a bust that is larger than your hips. People with apple body types tend to wear clothes that take away attention from their bust and give the illusion of wider hips.

5) The Oval Body Type

female body types

Women with this body type don’t have large busts and full midsections. The hips are much narrower and their shoulders aren’t broad, unlike the apple body type.

6) Athletic body type

female body types

You have a narrower waist than your shoulder and hips, and your shoulder and hips are about the same size. Your waist, although narrow, isn’t particularly defined because you’re more muscular than curvy.

7) Diamond body type

female body types

Unlike the oval body type, the diamond body type has broader hips with a fuller midsection. They also have narrow busts and shoulders smaller than their hips.



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