Every woman pictures her dream home at least once. So let’s just imagine you had that Folorunsho Alakija and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala type of money is sitting in your bank account. What’s the first ridiculous thing you’re buying in your dream home? These are the 8 items women shared with us from their own ultimate rich girl fantasies.

8 Things Women Would Buy in their Homes as Sugar Mummies

1. Nkem, 24

An indoor waterfall

I have a lot of anxiety so once I hit that kind of money, I will take my self-care to another level and build an indoor waterfall. My money is clearly too big for just a water fountain. 

8 Things Women Would Buy in their Homes as Sugar Mummies

2. Deborah, 26

An aquarium

I’m definitely fulfilling my dream of having an aquarium. I’ve always wondered what it’s like to live under the sea like ariel. So the next best thing with my new bank account is a mini-ocean in my living room.

8 Things Women Would Buy in their Homes as Sugar Mummies

3. Pearl, 25

An Amazonian themed backyard 

Don’t judge me, I’m a plant mum and I need to experience the life of having a jungle at the back of my house. I just want to give off billionaire boogie but fiesty vibes in my Qualms money dream.

8 Things Women Would Buy in their Homes as Sugar Mummies

Akpos, 28

A grand library

I want my kids to love reading as much as I do, so I’d go for a customised library with only first edition books. I just want a safe space to get lost in. You know a woman has money when you see rows of limited edition books lined up on her shelf. 

5. Blessing, 24

A gun collection 

As crazy as it sounds, all I want is a gun collection next to a wine cellar. I want to be able to casually drink red wine while I’m preparing to assassinate my village people.

6. Temi, 23

An underground bakery

Waking up to a whole staff dedicated to making me bread is my dream. I just want to be able to place an order for any kind of pastry in the world and get it immediately.

7. Kamsi, 26

An indoor pool 

I want the one in movies that I can regulate. So after a long day at the office I can just come home and set the mood and slip into the pool naked. If it’s too cold I can just make it warm, and vice versa.

8. Paula, 48

An airport

If I had that kind of money you’re describing, my backyard would be a runway for my own planes. I couldn’t afford a plane ride to see my father in Delta State last year. I had to take the train from Abuja to Lokoja and then a bus down to Delta— never again. At my age, I don’t want to have to go through that kind of stress just to see my family.  


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