Every naturalista knows that caring for natural hair is not beans. If you’re not going broke trying to buy the right products to control your mane, you’re figuring out how to style it without using up five working days. It’s a struggle.

These eight easy-to-recreate styling ideas will save you time:


Twist outs - Zikoko

Image source: Hairstyle hub

Twist-outs are a natural hair staple because it involves relatively low effort. You can easily do a twist-out after wash day (and a full detangle) with little or no products. Get an easy tutorial to follow here.

Low bun

Low bun natural hairstyle

Image source: African American hairstyle videos

A low bun is another perfect simple hairstyle for the stress-hating naturalista. It’s great for both formal and casual occasions, and even if you have short hair, you can always include hair extensions yourself if you want a fuller look.

Here’s a simple tutorial that I found.


Image source: Adanna Madueke (YouTube)

If you’re looking for a longer-lasting protective style, then you should try the fauxhawk. It’s a chic look for a fun night out or if you just want to switch up your style for a few weeks. 

I found this tutorial, so you don’t have to try explaining this style to a hairdresser who will only end up doing something different.

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Bantu knots

Image source: stylecraze

The beautiful thing about bantu knots is that I’m yet to see anyone that doesn’t look good rocking them. You can do them with your hair or add some extensions if your hair isn’t long enough to make the knots.

This tutorial will show you how to style your bantu knots.

Double puffs

Image source: rayann410 (YouTube)

Tired of simple bun styles but still need to leave home in ten minutes? Then you should try double puffs. As promised, this won’t stress your life, and you can experiment as much as you want. Win-win.

You can also use this tutorial for reference.

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Finger coils

Image source: Chizi Duru (YouTube)

Finger coils are easy to style, but be warned — this is one of the more tedious ones on this list, depending on your hair’s fullness. You’ll probably want to try finger coils during the weekend or when you have more free time. 

I found a finger coils tutorial that’s quite straightforward.

Classic afro with top bun

Image source: Thrive Naija

The afro always works, and if you want to do something different with it, just add a top bun. 

All you have to do for this style is section off the top part of your hair, moisturise and style it in a tight bun, then finger-comb the rest of your hair into an afro. This quick style works for casual and semi-formal occasions. Here’s a simple tutorial for reference.

High Puff

Image source: healthyafrohair

You can never go wrong with a simple high puff. For a little razzle-dazzle, style it with a cute head wrap, and you’re good to go.

If you have short hair, you’ll find this tutorial helpful.

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