There comes a time in every woman’s life, where she’s faced with a life-altering dilemma – whether or not to move on from her hairdresser. You might have been loyal to your hairdresser for several years, she might be the only one who knows how to make a million braids that won’t take out all of your edges but if you notice these things, it’s time to send that ‘we need to see other people text’.

If you go to her salon at 9am and don’t leave till 9 pm.

Time that you can be using to fight the patriarchy and make money.

If you were using her when all you used to do were cornrows, and now you are doing pixie cuts but she hasn’t levelled up.

Loyalty is great but is it really worth looking like this.

If she keeps lying about knowing what to do.

Aunty I understand, aunty I understand, then she’ll finish and instead of looking like Rihanna you’ll look like Rianatu,

If she doesn’t understand the meaning of the word trim.

Four years natural but your hair is still five inches because your hairdresser is doing big chop for you every month.

She just doesn’t hear word.

As you are explaining a style to her, it’s entering one ear and going out the other. Because she’s an ‘expert’ and knows what’s best for you. That’s why all your wigs are bobs.

She has become one of those hairdressers that’ll leave your hair, go and eat, make five other people’s hair and come back.

Because you are ‘customer’ and you won’t vex.

You’ve been natural for 5 years but every time you go she asks you if she should put small relaxer in your hair.

She’s obviously not willing to let your progress in life, better move on.

She’s always out of town.

You won’t loosen your braids for two months because you are waiting for you hairdresser to come back from someone’s birthday she went to celebrate in Ilorin 1 month ago.

She never ever listens to you. You’ll tell her to make colour 30 braids and she’ll buy colour 2.

You’ve just been managing because her hand is neat. She’s not the only one in town better release yourself from bondage.

If she can’t do without dryer, straightener and a curler all in one day.

You don’t need all of that heat damage honey, run.

If she can’t relax your hair without burning it.

Your scalp will be stinging, there’ll be tears in your eyes and she’ll still tell you ‘e never done’.

Every single time she makes your hair, you’ll have a headache for at least three to five working days.

Yes the hair is neat and fine but nothing is worth that much pain my sister.

Finally, if she just doesn’t get you anymore.

You guys used to be so in sync, you didn’t have to say anything when you walked into her shop she always knew what you wanted. But now things have changed, she doesn’t understand why you’ll want blonde hair or why you went natural.


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