It was another self-care Saturday, and with that comes the necessary evil that is shaving. So, we made a list of some relatable shaving struggles

1) Finding the right angle

To find the right angle to begin your shaving adventures, you start doing math in the shower. Asking yourself questions like, “if I raise my leg 75 degrees higher, will I have better access?”

2) Shaving stick problems

There is always a problem. Either the blades are too dull, too sharp or too pink. Sometimes, the handles are weirdly shaped and you cannot grip them well. Shaving stick, not surgical blade. Please.

3) The cuts and bumps

You finish a successful operation, and you go to admire your handiwork. It feels alright. Good, soft, edible. You go to bed and wake up and gbam! Your village people have shown up and showed out. Bumps, red spots, cuts. It is a war zone down there. Sometimes, it gets so bad you find it hard to walk.

4) The inability to get a clear view

It is so difficult to see down there, so you don’t get into all the nooks and crannies. I have one word, mirror. But then imagine your roommate walking into the bathroom and you’re there, naked, bent over a mirror with a shaving stick in hand. Just picture it, God no go shame us.

5) The hair that never really goes away

It is never all gone. NEVER. There will always be some unfortunate strand just hanging there and chilling. Evil thing.

6) The not so safe or cheap alternatives

You decide you are done with shaving sticks, but then by the time you check the prices of waxing, and see that hair removal cream come with their weird side effects: may cause death, infertility, denial of visa, rise of the dollar, etc. You go back to your shaving stick in the cabinet.

7) The hair grows back too fast

After undergoing all this stress and pain, the hair comes back in about two to three business days.

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