Have you ever seen some sanitary product ads and are immediately filled with anger, rage and irritation? Well, these seven reasons are probably why.

1) Why is everyone so happy?

There are very few people I know who do not hate their periods. Why are the ads always showing women who are somehow excited at the possibility of bleeding for at least three days straight? Even if you had a pregnancy scare and your period just showed up, you won’t be as happy as the women in these ads.

2) Nobody ever talks about the pain

The ads never talk about how painful periods are. It is not a gift, it feels more like a curse than anything. Sanitary product ads should talk more about period pain.

3) It is so unrealistic

Nothing about their ads seem realistic enough for you to actually feel like it is marketed towards you. Whoever is in charge of their marketing teams need to reevaluate and ask themselves why they’re trying so hard to dilute.

4) The singing

Who approves of this? Why are there young girls running around in uniforms dancing because of their periods? Make it make sense.


5) Not informational enough

When pad ads come up, they’re only ever talking about how absorbent it is, but pads are more than just absorbency. They hardly ever discuss things like itchiness and how adhesive the glue is. Just absorbency and vibes. Now you know the pad can be used for 8 hours, but you won’t be able to wear it for more than 2 hours because of how uncomfortable they are.

6) Not enough diversity in products

The title might say sanitary product ads, but anything other than pads is hardly ever advertised. People need more tampons, menstrual cups, period panties ads. The only option isn’t bad, and we need the ads to show that.

7) They dance

One question, why? Why will a period make you dance? It is unnecessary.

how annoying are you?



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