When long healthy and beautiful hair is the norm, women choosing to go bald seems like an anomaly. So, we got 7 Nigerian women to talk about the different parts of the bald life; the reasons they made their choice, people’s reactions, hiccups along the way, and funny moments.

Funmi, 22

My mother had Cancer. I cut all my hair off because it was my way of reminding me of the woman she was; a fighter.

Amina, 26

In 2016, my boyfriend broke up with me. While we were dating, I wanted to cut my hair a bit short, but he was always against it. After we broke up, me cutting it all off was like shoving the middle finger in his face.

Linda, 31

I have been shaving my hair off for years. It started as a dare, and now it has become a way of life. The most annoying thing though, is people diagnosing you medical conditions you do not have.

Tife, 29

My mother does not like it. She makes statements here and there about it, but she never really approved of my hair choices. I have told her over and over again that it is my hair, and I can do whatever I like with it.

Cynthia, 21

The barbers are always annoying. At the barbing salon, I had to insist that I wanted to go bald. They were holding back, and trying to make me change my mind. If it was a man sitting on the chair telling them what to do, I bet they won’t question him.

Amaka, 33

People ask me the silliest things when they see me. After I shaved it all off, I ran into an old classmate of mine in the supermarket. When he saw my head, he just kept talking about how he is sorry for my loss (he thought my husband was dead). He paid for everything I bought that day, and every single time I tried to speak, he cut me off. I went home with about twenty thousand naira worth of groceries I did not pay for, and my husband found it extremely hilarious.

Kiki, 20

My hair never grew the way I wanted it to. People used to either tease me for having a receding hairline, or bald spots. I would cry for days and days, and I never wore wigs because I could not afford them. So one day after the usual name calling, I put a blade to my hair and took it all off. I have not looked back since.

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