If you have been thinking of getting serious with your makeup skills and are in need of some advice, here are seven tips from Nigerian women.

1) Practice

It might look like shit when you start, but do not let that stop you. Just keep practicing and taking pictures of your progress because you will get it eventually.

2) One step at a time

Before you start attempting full-face beats, why not divide and conquer? Eyebrows today, foundation tomorrow, etc. That way, you master one before you move on and it does not get overwhelming.

3) Videos

Watch as many videos as possible of people doing makeup. Youtubers, beauty influencers, whoever. Just watch and learn.

4) Texture

Texture exists, and your face has it. So, do not be ashamed when you try for the first time and your face shows texture. Also, real-life makeup does not always look like it does in the picture. Pictures contain a lot of editing, so let that guide how you critic yourself.

5) Clean your makeup brushes regularly

Unclean makeup brushes can lead to things like acne and skin irritation. Clean your makeup brushes or your skin will fight you, and it will win.

6) Monitor your growth

One of the best ways to monitor your growth is by taking pictures. Take pictures so you can look back and realise what you need to improve on and also so you can do “How it started vs how it is going”.

7) Leave your eyebrows alone

As a beginner, you should probably keep your eyebrows on your face. There might be the temptation to shave your eyebrows off in order to do more dramatic styles, but you may not be able to do it, and it will take your eyebrows a long time to grow back.

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