A while ago, we asked 5 men to talk about discovering masturbation, and now, it is the women’s turn. With purity culture breathing down their neck, it seems like women are not allowed to enjoy sex at all, talk less on single player mode. That is why, we decided to ask six Nigerian women to talk about discovering masturbation.

Mo’, 21

When I was in SS1, I never really did more than rubbing my clit because it felt nice. I did not even let myself cum, or even finger myself till I was in 200 level or so. That was when I went all the way. Not only did I cum, but I squirted all over my bed. Behold, a tap was born.

Cynthia, 18

I have been masturbating since I was six, after I was assaulted by the boy that was living with us. I just used to touch myself. It did not feel good, but I just did. Then nine was the first time I had an orgasm. I thought my brain was going to explode and I would die, so I prayed for forgiveness and did not try again till I was eleven.

Zainab, 23

The year was 2016, and MILF$ by Fergie just came out. I went to watch it on YouTube and I found myself going down a rabbit hole of Milf videos. Next thing I knew, I was on a lesbian pornsite, and my body felt tingly. So, I decided to copy what one of the women did to herself, because she looked like she was enjoying what was happening to her. Five minutes later, I felt this rush all over my body. I was relaxed and tired. It became my sleeping pill. Every time I was bored, I would watch a video, nut and sleep.

Annabelle, 21

I was 13 and watching a movie called the 40 year old virgin. There was a scene where they went to a pawn shop, and there was this woman with huge breasts. I kept rewatching the scene just because of her and I felt very very turned on. I ended up putting a pillow between my legs and humped it till I came.

Amanda, 20

It was one night, no electricity and I was sleeping on my mother’s bed. We were talking and my hand found its way to my breasts. I squeezed and it felt so nice. So nice that I decided that if just breasts felt this good, why not try the vagina? I started rubbing through my underwear and just like I thought, it felt really really good. My mother was still in the room, but she was sleeping and I was very very quiet. Also, there being no light was to my advantage.

Ada, 30

I was 16 and in SS2 when I decided to read a romance novel for the first time. Exams were over, and I had nothing better to do. While I was reading, I kept crossing and uncrossing my legs because I felt tingly. Then I started rubbing my thighs together and that led to the first orgasm of my life.

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