Over the weekend, this happened…

Yes an epic, but dirty smelly fight.

No not at Oshodi, but between Linda Ikeji and Wizkid…AGAIN!

This fight proved to us all that doing amebo can get you into a little bit of trouble.

But when amebo is what you do for money like Linda.

Some people shouldn’t get upset when you say things like this about them.

According to Linda, Wizkid was served a quit notice in his Lekki home.

And instead of saying “Aunty Linda, why you always lying”, Wizkid took to his Instagram and cussed her out.

When people call women “Old whore”, “Smelly P*ssy” and accuse them of sleeping around.

Sorry oh, keeper and finisher of fresh bodies. Anyway smelly body parts never added or subtracted money from anyone’s bank account.

When the best insult you can hand to a woman is her being unmarried.

Keep shut, Monsiuer Misogynoir!

When unmarried men with several children call other women unmarried.

Are you even joking?

When he could’ve just called one of her designer bags or shoes fake.

So she would lose her mind and properly advertise her bag on Instagram.

Instead, we had to bear the 700 word essay from Linda’s book of self righteousness, Chapter 1.

Who dignity don epp?

And they went clapback, for clapback.


Until one of them got tired.

Or suddenly found the maturity they threw away.

The end!

Hay, thank God! [zkk_poll post=26785 poll=content_block_standard_format_12]


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