Reasons You Definitely Need A Girl Squad

Beyoncé says, “I love my husband, but it is nothing like a conversation with a woman that understands you. I grow so much from those conversations.”

If you have girl friends, you already know that the friendship is always beautiful and totally lit! Girls just understand each other in some almost psychic ways.

You know what they say; the more the merrier! Why have one girl friend when you can have two, or three, or ten!

Sha make sure they’re good people o! There’s nothing like having positive women around you that totally get you! More reasons you should build a girl squad are…

You have people to talk to that can totally relate.

I mean, who else will understand why you’re crying over your shattered BlackUp compact?

You have a solid support system

Need a shoulder to cry on? How about four or five that understand you completely? Girlfriends will encourage you and remind you why you’re fire! You won’t have to deal with anything alone.

You can be your absolute wild self with them, and they won’t judge you.

Because they’ve probably done worse lol. Be ready for some extreme trolling, though!

You always have people to gist with

Girls talk about everything. Lol you guys have no idea how lit a girls’ Whatsapp group is. You will be laughing nonstop as you drag everyone and everything!

Even if they’re not all available, you will have at least one person who’ll keep you company.

You will always have the best and most diverse fashion advice

Friends never let friends go out looking foolish, so trust that these ladies will have your back and tell you the truth!

You have people to borrow stuff from

Whether clothes, shoes, wigs, makeup or jewellery, your squad will come always have something nice for when you need something to complement your slay.

It’s Girl Friend’s Day! Show your ride or die girl friends some love today, and let them know how awesome they are! Women are so powerful when they come together.