We were going about our business this beautiful morning, wondering why $1 is still over 360 naira and why a bag of rice is 20k when our Senators decided to come and disturb us with their drama.

As is with all things Nigerian we honestly don’t know exactly what is going on. But here’s the gist of what we at least know.

The DSS barricaded the entrance to the NASS complex and prevented staff and legislators from entering. 

The State Security Services in #Nigeria (DSS) have blocked the entrance to @nassnigeria, this morning, and are turning away staff and legislators.

A complete assault on Nigeria’s democracy. pic.twitter.com/TWmY7PQLfZ — Chxta (@Chxta) August 7, 2018

No one knows who the order came from, it apparently came from ‘above’.

Did Baba Bubu send a text from London? We’re still trying to figure out who this Oga at the top is.

In fact, a Legislator stood up to the DSS, daring them.

This is quite fascinating, that the Legislators have this kind of energy, but they couldn’t use this energy to help us looking into #EndSARS.

After hours of standing up to the DSS and fighting to uphold democracy in Nigeria, the senators were finally granted access into the complex.

For a group of people who are supposed to be under siege, they seem pretty cheerful.

All the APC legislators were nowhere to be found.

What a coincidence.

The DSS operatives were also masked.

Muzzbe action film.

In what might or might not be connected news, Senator Goodswil Akpabio also officially resigned as senate minority leader today.

Another coincidence. Fascinating.

Because this is Nigeria we won’t be surprised if the narrative changes in the next couple of hours.

Next thing we’ll hear is that the DSS were actually there to protect the Senators.

In a twist of events that can only happen in Nigeria, Ag. President – Yemi Osinbajo fired the DG of DSS, Lawal Daura.

This might be the most epic way anyone has ever said ‘I am not involved’.

All this drama, and you wonder why Nigerian politicians are not getting nominations for AMAA awards

Look at this list. No Nigerian Politician.

Anyway, all of them will still go to the back and be hugging each other in private.

Because really, that’s all they care about mostly. Themselves.

If you are as tired as we are of these people using us to play ten-ten and you still haven’t collected your PVC, you can’t be a serious person.

Head on over to getyourpvc.com to find the answers to learn how to register to get your Permanent Voter’s Card. Don’t forget, the deadline is August 17 to register if you want to vote next year.


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