Every Valentine’s day, you can totally smell the love in the air. The gifts shared between lovers are not even as much the banter that ensues.

These hilarious tweets show how dramatic Valentine’s day went for some Nigerians.

This Nigerian lady shared the story of her friend who went all the way and got her boo a PS4 console for Valentine’s day.

So this babe is giving us gist of how she saved to get her man the ps4 for this Valentine’s Day & he was so excited.

— Brownskin (@_Ruthee_) February 14, 2016

And this happened afterwards.

He put up “best girlfriend ever” on his bbm and people were congratulating both of them, saying she’s a keeper and all.

— Brownskin (@_Ruthee_) February 14, 2016

During the epic Valentine’s day Arsenal match against Leceister FC…

Fast forward to some hours later, Arsenal wins. He takes off the ps4 from his dp & the “best girlfriend ever” from his pm & replaces it with

— Brownskin (@_Ruthee_) February 14, 2016

Arsenal FC seized another person’s bae.

Arsenal’s logo & “Arsenal just gave me the best gift”

Babe is devastated here, talking of how he’s an ingrate and whatnot — Brownskin (@_Ruthee_) February 14, 2016
Hay God!

She just said she’s going to take the ps4 back????????????????

I almost fell out of this chair???? — Brownskin (@_Ruthee_) February 14, 2016

Because of small play.

Can this get any worse? She said she’s not going for the dinner date?????

What kind of retard is this one oh Lord? Cos of small play???? — Brownskin (@_Ruthee_) February 14, 2016

When your boo thanks another person for the best Valentine’s gift ever after you bought them a PS4.

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