See this story? We dunno if it’s funny, or cute, or inspiring.

Please grab a seat.

Some days ago, halfway into the match between Portugal and Tunisia, the Tunisian goalkeeper, Mouez Hassen suddenly collapsed!

Helpppp!! Don’t let me die like this

After a few minutes, Hassen came back looking very alright

Yes yes I’m okay, let’s continue.

It was that time again and the Tunisian boys were warming up

“Ha! we will finish Portugal today” and they did score a goal after the break

Fast forward to their next game, Hassen abruptly collapses on the pitch again!

Uncle nawa ohhh

This guy had a plan all along

But just continue watching.

The referee had no choice but to call for another break. This time we noticed some of the players were quickly eating whatever they could.

“Guy guy abeg sharply borrow me that water”

After investigating, it turns our guy had been faking it all along

But why was he doing that? Was he just tired?

Hassen was helping his teammates break their fast, because you know, Ramadan.

Since there was really no other way. Hassen, our Hero!

They say lying is not good in Ramadan

Is this lying or strategic positioning though? You decide. But while you’re here, check out all the other struggles Muslims have in Ramadan.


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