Earlier this month, we came across this shocking and unbelievable tweet.

According to reports on social media, 6-month-old Hajara was raped by Shuaibu Yakubu Abdullahi, a deaf 40-year-old teacher, which led to the rupturing of her intestines.

Miraculously, poor Hajara is still alive, but currently under critical monitoring in a specialist hospital in Kano State.

To aggravate the issue, after getting arrested by the NSCDC, the rapist was released on bail by the police!

Stand To End Rape (STER), a non-profit organisation advocating for an end to gender-based violence, took up the case, and tried to reach out to the Force Gender Unit of the Nigerian Police Force , but only got referred to an NGO.

According to them, the NGO has been unavailable to STER.

Twitter is understandably very angry about the whole situation.

Why should this man be allowed to roam the streets freely?

We need to see more affirmative action concerning gender-based violence and child abuse from the authorities as well as citizens.

The Nigerian Police ought to aggressively follow up on Baby Hajara’s case and all rape cases going forward. Rape is an extremely horrifying act of violence, especially against a child. The society should be safe for all; no parent should have to worry about their kids being raped or abused! It is doubly important that justice be served, and swiftly too!



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