Over the last few weeks, there’s been an urgent cry from the people of Rivers State, especially Port Harcourt residents, concerning some severe environmental pollution.

According to residents, the air has been contaminated by soot, a black powdery or flaky substance.

For those of you wondering, it is not yet clear what exactly is causing the soot in the air, but it’s usually a result of the incomplete burning of organic matter.

This means it could be caused by illegal burning of crude, poor standards by refineries or poor waste management of crude materials.

This Port Harcourt resident shared an alarming picture of what the air looks like.

Another resident, shared this picture of polluted rainwater, just to give an idea of the severity of the situation.

The health implications are extremely terrifying!

Someone was kind enough to create some management tips till the situation is looked into by the relevant authorities.

As for government intervention, the Minister of the Environment, Amina Mohammed, has indicated that the government is fully aware and working on it.

Na wa for this Nigeria sha, one day one trouble

And what makes it more shameful is the fact that the people of the Niger Delta region, where most of this country’s wealth has come from continue to suffer one environmental calamity after another!

We sympathise deeply with the people of Rivers State and hope that both the Federal and State government respond quickly and effectively to this environmental disaster.


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