In case you don’t know, the hottest show on Nigerian TV right now, Big Brother Nigeria, is currently being shot in South Africa.

If this development is getting you upset, we have one for question for you…

And instead of facing their work, and actually investigating the wahala that actually affects Nigerians, the government has decided to ‘probe’ the shooting of the show in South Africa.

Who asked them o?

Instead of looking into giving us light and correct FOREX rates.

Or even finding a permanent solution to the starvation crisis going on in many IDP camps in Borno.

How the Nigerian government chooks mouth in matters that don’t concern them.

Did they contribute 5 Naira to the organisation of the show sef?

While we raise our hands to pray for the Nigerian government and their mind-blowing decisions, kindly share your thoughts on this in the comments section.



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