If you’re still confused about #theotherroom, and other terms concerning the President and the First Lady’s drama, get the full gist here.

1. We all couldn’t believe this happened.

2. Wait, what is this ‘other room’?

3. Feels like we’re we’re caught up in a personal mess.

4. Like when your parents are fighting and you’re in the middle.

5. The worst part is that it was an international embarrassment.

6. What exactly is the president’s communications team doing?

7. So Mummy Aisha will just go back to kitchen like that?

8. Is it fair?

9. Surely, president Bubu is aware that this is a new era for women everywhere.

10. Is such blatant sexism pardonable?

11. Okay, these other room jokes are escalating pretty quickly.

12. Didn’t we just say we’ve had enough of this?

13. Madam Patience will be having the time of her life right now.

14. Nigeria will not kill us.



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