A new and exciting super hero is coming to town, and this character is not only female, it’s also West African *whoop whoop!*.

Created by US based Nigerian, Roye Okupe (founder of Youneek Studios), ‘Malika: Queen Warrior’ will tell the story of how a fierce West African queen and military leader was able to unite her kingdom in a precolonial era.

Set in the 15th century, the graphic novel will be released in 2017 and will come in two parts; a 20 paged teaser is already out on Kickstarter!

Roye Okupe is also the creator of the 2015 hit novel series ‘E.X.O: Legend of Wale Williams’. The novel has been featured on CNN, Forbes, and the New York Times. We can’t wait to see what he’ll be working on next!

Learn more about the Kickstarter campaign here.


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