Domestic Violence is a serious social issue.

And after many years of it being swept under the carpet, Nigerians are finally facing it.

Thanks to social media, we’re hearing of more cases, speaking up about those cases and even getting justice for the victims.

But as much as social media has served as a platform for advocates to speak up against Domestic Violence, it has also served as a means for different people who feel like they know shit to come and spit what they think is “wisdom” in our eyes.

Suddenly, everybody thinks they know the golden rule to stopping domestic violence once for all.

So when Pete Edochie’s son, Yul Edochie, also started dropping them tips like it was hot eba, the Internet went:

In the gospel according to Yul, Domestic Violence can be stopped if the woman learns to “zip up”, among other things:

But we’re having a hard time understanding what he is saying.

Is respect not supposed to be reciprocal?

And how about we stop using that “We are Africans” thing as an excuse for nonsense?

Can we NOT use culture to hide our wrongdoing?

Why does it have to be the woman’s job to keep the peace?

And really, if keeping quiet worked for his mother, it doesn’t mean it’ll work for every woman.

In finality, his advice is really not wanted.

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