If you’ve never had to deal with “artsy” people in your life, you may not even understand the concept of fake depth. But let’s get on with the gist.

Twitter user, TJCruda, and his friends decided to play a little prank at an art gallery.

They put a pair of glasses on the floor…

And some artsy people were so mesmerised.

In fact, one of them even took pictures.

Just look at!

Did they even bother to ask for the owner of the “art”? This reminds us of fake deep people and their wahala.

When you say, “I am tired” and fake deep people start talking about battle scars and demons.

When fake deep people turn stretch marks into something else.

When artsy people try to tell you to find the beauty in everything including a one year old child’s doodling.

When there’s an oil stain on your shirt and your artsy friend says it highlights your skin tone.

We can only imagine the thoughts running through the mind of the photographer who captured the image and how he would caption the picture on Instagram.



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