2016 isn’t smiling for Nigerians at all. The fall in oil prices and the unfriendly exchange rate have pushed the country into a biting recession.

We were in our lane, jejely managing our bread and tea with no sugar because of the economic situation.

When we heard the Finance Minister implied that we are not suffering, and we are not finding it funny at all.

Following the outrage that met the tweet on social media, the minister’s spokesperson released a dodgy statement denying the twitter handle.

Let’s not forget this handle has previously been used in an official capacity several times.

This is a tweet from 2015 when the minister was officially inaugurated, confirming it was her account.

After the whole wahala, the account has now been updated to a parody account.

Something is definitely not right here.

Here is the video of the finance minister confirming she actually said ‘recession is a word’.

We know she was only trying to be deep, but our bank accounts and wallets are saying something else.

Next time the minister should try apologising, instead of being dodgy. Recession is not a joke, we need real and sustainable solutions, not fake, deep quotes.


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