Lagos seems to be the most “lit” city in Nigeria and everyone that has lived there must have a lot of funny stories to share. Nigerians on Twitter came together and shared the funniest things they have experienced in Lagos.

The raunchy masquerade.


Your name becomes “customer” whenever you walk into any store.

If you are female, your name on any street is “fine girl”.


Some places in Lagos are not good for seize the bae 2015 movement.
I can’t be seized from such  distance, Daddy.

How to get away from LASTMA.

The Yaba boy chronicles.

When it’s about to get crazy.

Getting swindled at computer village.

When all pride and shame is gone.

I will even wash your motor.

Eating killer noodles.

Is it how it ends because of ordinary Indomie?

Ah, yes! The annoying traffic.

Those unexpected fights.

I never hexperred it.

When the stock shirt isn’t so stock.

Ikeja, the place for complete makeover.

Is this one okay?

Meeting a potential bae.

You can’t even kiss in peace.

All the faces in your business.


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