Yesterday we gave you the gist on Pastor Adeboye’s advice to young men on their choice of wives, and trust Nigerians to have a  serious debate on the topic.

Nigerian Twitter was on fire with reactions, and we compiled the funniest tweets for you, you’re welcome!

Since some ladies disagreed with Daddy G.O, someone predicted what their relationship status would be in two years:

Some guys want to start using this advice as an excuse to break up with their girlfriends.

This person that wanted to know the real ingredient in successful marriages. Wait, what is ‘Hawt Secks’ sef?

Feminist Twitter took several hits in the holy battle.

Seriously,what does Feminism have to do with cooking though?

Some believe broke men shouldn’t even chook mouth in the matter.

Someone said its Daddy G.O’s coat that was causing trouble.

How some couples be after watching Reverend Adeboye’s video.

This is spicy wahala!

Some actually believe cooking will help keep their men.

But we know these men can be slippery.

And according to Daddy G.O, prayer is kuku the real key.

Please how did Edible Catering enter this Holy Talk?

But is cooking really the most important ingredient in a marriage?

When your cooking skills can’t help you in real life.



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