There are several ways of handling issues in Nigeria which hardly ever includes keeping calm.

Nigerian senators usually solve issues by either making serious banter…
Because Nigerian women’s lives don’t matter.

Or fight things out, street style.

Because decorum is too much stress.

On April 4, Nasarawa state lawmakers left trash for LAWMA.

And fought at the state House of Assembly.

Apparently, Governor Al-Makura’s appointment of 11 new council chairmen was what caused the wahala.

Some of the senators opposed the Governor’s motion and accused those in support of receiving 50 million Naira bribe from him.

The newly appointed council chairmen were supposed to be succeeding the former council leaders whose appointments ended on March 24.

These senators disagreed because they thought the appointments were illegal.

Na wa oh!

We didn’t vote them for this sha.

When those in charge of making the laws that guide the country are actually lawless.

What a shame!

Watch full details of the fight here:

Perhaps, if the passion and anger of this fight is channelled into the Agatu crisis plaguing Nasarawa state, the problem could be solved quicker than imagined.

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