One of the things that has accompanied Nigeria’s vast cultural diversity is stereotypes.

Naturally, stereotypes aren’t necessarily true and can draw lines of division. Sometimes they are hilarious and this artist brought the hilarious side of some of these common stereotypes into his art.

The 22 year old graduate of Geophysics from Covenant University uses the Japanese animation, Chibi art style, to create his art pieces.

The Chibi art style originated from the appearance of the Japanese anime characters and has been used to create several other graphic art.

Ajoku David Uchenna shares tribal bonds from the Igbo and Yoruba tribes of Nigeria and got inspired by the common cultural stereotypes on Nigerian Twitter.

He aspires to create more art in preparation of a comic series similar to Archie and Juggle head, done Naija style, of course.

Bayo, The Yoruba Demon.

Emeka, The Igbo demon.

All his characters bear tails because he believes that demons aren’t necessarily Yoruba and that Nigerians generally love to live the baby boy/girl lifestyle, wearing nice trad and turning up at Owambe parties.

.. And this one for Owambe lovers.

David also doubles as a photographer and works at a Nigerian NGO ACSI when he isn’t creating art.

You can view his work and follow him on his Instagram account @davidjock_ He also shares on his Twitter page @Nnaya_A


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