As if Nigerian athletes haven’t gone  through enough problems already, they were once again let down at the Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony due to poor planning by the Nigerian Olympic Committee.

The Opening Ceremony is the official start of every Olympic Games, and Vanderlei de Lima, a former Brazilian athlete opened it this time around.

Athletes from different countries filed out in a colorful parade, dressed very beautifully, especially this flag bearer from Tonga.

How Nigerians waited for our athletes to appear in killer outfits, because we slay at this Aso Ebi game.

But imagine our shock when Team Nigeria came out in track suits, not looking super-excited to be at the Olympics. But can we blame them?

The athletes had to wear track suits because the traditional attire was not available.

We all agree the Nigeria Olympic Committee could’ve planned better for Rio 2016.

Apparently, the costumes arrived in Brazil late, just like our U-23 footballers arrived in Brazil only 6 hours to their first game!

Someone leaked the actual costume pictures online and we are seriously thanking God for that ‘delay’.

See how Nigerian Twitter took the outfit apart.

The tailoring and color combination didn’t look great sef.

Someone even compared the outfit to the Avatar’s costume.

But maybe the track suit idea wasn’t so bad after all, some seemed to like it.

And we are just as pained! Nigeria and disappointment are like two peas in a pod, and we are just tired!



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