Gather round, children! Let us share our story with you

Yes, not every time lists about Nigerians. Sometimes read our own story, you’re welcome!

One brilliant day at the office, we saw these sexy-looking donuts online.

We dropped money and ordered them, who no like better thing abeg?

Imagine how we were dreaming about the icing melting in our mouths.

Three hours after they promised to deliver, we were still waiting for our thing.

But we didn’t give up hope, we didn’t eat so the donuts could sit down well in our stomachs.

After waiting and waiting the donuts came, Yass Lord!

Instead of glazed donuts, they brought buns and palm oil stew.


How heartbreaking and disappointing!

We have questions o! Why did the donuts turn out to be that unfortunate?

Could it be the price of the dollar?

Was the sun that angry at us that it turned the icing to stew?


@zikokomag it was the sunshine ? pele — henrybanye (@henrybanye) April 15, 2016

​Maybe we should kuku check our surroundings, maybe some of the real donuts fell somewhere.​

But was it pothole that made the donuts look like buns?

Maybe the donuts had inner beauty that we couldn’t see sha.

When someone tried to taste one of them.

​Someone even tried to do ‘match the donut’ but they couldn’t even match.

We are not crying, pepper entered our eyes.

And we threw the rest away and now, nobody wants to eat donuts again.

The end.



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