You may have seen this video of Dino Melaye comparing women to products during the March 2nd sitting at the senate.
Where he also asked the members on the floor  to “patronise made in Nigeria women”. He asked them to stop paying dowry in dollars and pounds and even shamed his colleague, Governor Adams Oshiomhole, for marrying a foreigner (who is actually African and from Cape Verde).

Even little children should take knocks for that statement.

Maybe the heat and fuel scarcity made people forget how wrong that comment was.

And as if he thrives on making such comments, he went on a shade trip after his long time opponent, Senator Adeyemi, joined his party APC.

His anger isn’t misplaced sha. Just imagine if your teacher forced you to become seat partners with that student you hated so much in your class.

After ranting and ranting.

Na wa oh! Aren’t they supposed to be working together for the progress of party and country?

Throwing shade…

Only a scared person would go on a Twitter rant when a former opponent joins his party sha.

Upon shade…

He’s even trying to be deep, nice one senator!

He ended things with this tweet.




Is he trying to say he flogs his wife?

Is he even serious?

Does that mean he doesn’t see anything wrong with physical abuse against women?

He has kuku compared women to products before.

Why is he comparing the defeat of another man to flogging his wife?

Dis tew much!

Why is he comparing someone he obviously dislikes so much to his wife?

Does he even regard his wife at all?

But we have one prayer wish for the senator so he can be cured of sexism and misogyny…

Amen! [zkk_poll post=27882 poll=content_block_standard_format_13]


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