The nominations list for the prestigious Grammy Awards dropped on December 7 and music heads had something to say.  But then, the epic snub of some A-list musicians and surprising nominations is somewhat similar to admission lists in Nigerian Universities.

Before the list was dropped, everybody swore to getting admitted on merit.

I have an uncle in admissions.

And anticipated the list like…

Those ones that had stayed at home for two years were the most anxious.

There was the candidate that got admitted on scholarship for being so awesome….

The annoying girl that always came first since primary 1 made the list too, on merit as expected.

And the ones that worked hard for it came through.

Some got last minute admissions into nonexistent departments as consolation after bragging so much.

Anything is something please.

Some passed the entrance exam but still didn’t make the list.

…And didn’t try to hide their pain.

Some just got handed a big fat Ela.

The uncle in admissions didn’t turn up.

But the ones that didn’t even qualify complained the most.

Congratulations to all the nominees. You can check the full nominations list here


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