A lot of people believe money isn’t everything in life and they’re almost always right. Because for instance, money can buy drugs but not good health.

At least that’s what some Nigerians thought when billionaire heiress, DJ Cuppy, tweeted this sometime in 2016.

This is really something.

But on the other hand, money is everything to the Nigerian whose immediate needs can only be solved by lots of cash. So that tweet coming from someone who can’t relate to the average Nigerian problems left a lot of people like…

Like seriously?

And as if the fake-deep tweet about money was just DJ Cuppy’s attempt at famzing regular Nigerians like the rest of us…

…She was featured in a show documenting the lavish lifestyle of rich Nigerians living in Britain.

In the documentary, she said she hasn’t opened a bottle of champagne by herself in ages ….

Going on about London her sister, Temi, said ‘We have done Dubai and Paris but always come back to London. You have the luxury shops, luxury cars, luxury houses, you can spend the money you have worked hard making.’

She has 15 pairs of £1000 Swarovski crystal-covered Beats headphones and even threw a graduation party worth at least a few expensive cars …

She said “Some could say it’s a wedding budget, to be honest” and her sister added “It would probably estimate to the same cost as a couple of nice cars”.

Cuppy thinks she’s paved the way for female DJs in Nigeria even though she’s gotten access to events because of her privilege.

She also said ‘We are setting the pace for young women who are trying to get out of a generational trend of just going to school, be good, get a job, get married and sit there looking pretty.’

Oops! What about DJ Soupamodel, DJ Lambo and the rest who have been in the game all this while?

Maybe she hasn’t heard of the successful Nigerian women who have made the news for their ground-breaking achievements.

After flaunting so much wealth on this show, we believe you DJ Cuppy. Money really isn’t “everything”.



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