The shocking results of the US elections has sparked several conversations all over the world which would’ve been incomplete without our very own Chimamanda’s voice.

In an interview with BBC, Chimamanda schooled Emmett Tyrrell Jr, founder and editor of The American Spectator, who blatantly refused to acknowledge Donald Trump’s racist comments during his electoral campaign.

She basically said, a white person cannot define what racism stands for- which is only right, considering that fact that racism in America was created and perpetuated by white people.

But Nigerians are just angry about her statement sha.

When you’re trying to be woke, but sleep is lowkey catching you.

This hater that was speaking plenty oyinbo.

This person that needs to read the textbook definition of racism.

And this person that doesn’t even know the actual meaning of prejudice.

Apparently, shutting down a racist is now a crime in Nigeria.

This person that was just too pained by Chimamanda’s awesomeness and greatness.

For the people that still don’t understand, maybe this little lesson on racism will help sha. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section.


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