Apparently, the Nigerian police force in spite of not having adequate space for human detainees, have started arresting animals.

Will these goats be detained with other humans?

What offence did these poor goats commit?

Were they even lead into their cells in handcuffs?

In the wee hours of March 7, a police patrol team accosted a red Mitsubitshi car around Sekona junction in Osun state.

After the driver of the vehicle refused to stop on the order of the police, the patrol team launched an unsuccessful chase of the car, as per fast and furious.

The driver sharply parked the car and escaped before the police could get to him. Unfortunately, these poor goats were found in the vehicle.

The Osun state Police Public Relations Officer, Mrs Folasade Odoro has said the goats will be detained until their owners show up.

But what if the owners don’t come back for their goats?

Are they going to rot in their ‘cells’ like the human suspects who have spent endless years in police detention without any hopes of going into trial.

Will they eventually be charged to court?

And if they are charged, do they have rights to a ‘lawyer for goats’? Maybe they’ll be charged for being animals that were jejely going for a quiet evening ride.

Or they may all end up as endless pots of this…

Or this…

They may never grow up to be as flawless as this goat.

We only have three words sha, Goats Lives Matter!

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