In another episode of celebrities clapping back at rude people online, we have Davido VS a fan.

It all started when a video of a little boy singing Davido’s hit song “IF” went viral a few days ago.

Davido saw this, was touched by it, reached out to the boy and promised to take care of his family from now on.

A lot of people praised Davido for having a good heart and helping the less privileged.

But there is always that bad belle that shows up to say nonsense. That person that can’t just see a good thing being done and be happy. That was this person.

Now this could’ve gotten lost in the sea of positive comments under Davido’s post but it didn’t and honestly we are glad.

Because terrible people like this need to be put in their place. So when Davido replied with this

We were like

And like

Then like

This should teach trolls that they can’t just come online, say nonsense and get away with it every time.

Random person on Instagram, it is good for you. Next time don’t be rude.

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