Albeit being a violent crime, rapists on many occasions get away with their crime.

To add insult to injury, rapists usually give the most ridiculous reasons for raping their victims. Here are some that will make you angry:

1. “I tripped and accidentally raped her”

A Saudi millionaire upon questioning claimed he tripped and fell into an 18 year old girl’s vagina, which resulted in an accidental rape.

2. “She was possessed”

A man of God in Nasarawa state raped a 13 year old because that was his own way of casting out demons off her.

3. “It was not a rape”

Disowned Unilag lecturer maintained he had only consensual sex with his friend’s daughter even after medical reports and bruises on her privates proved he actually raped her.

4. “She wasn’t decent”

A young woman in India was beaten and brutally gang raped which consequently lead to her death in 2012. The driver of the rape bus claimed she wasn’t decent and shouldn’t have fought back.

5. “It was Satan”

One of the 8 men who gang raped a teenager in Ilorin on orders of her boyfriend blamed Satan, the most accused person in history, for violating her several times.

6. “Her younger sister was rude”

A young woman in Lagos was gang raped by her angry ex and his friends because her younger sister was rude to them at a party.

7. “I am not gay”

An 18 year old British boy raped and stabbed two teenage girls because he couldn’t come to terms with his homosexuality and also wanted to know how killing a person felt.


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