Valentine’s day is coming. But rather than ask where your boy/girlfriend is or how lonely you’ll be, we’re going to remind you of simpler times. When Valentine’s day was less roses and chocolates and more another day in February or a casual slump in your monthly allowance.

Here’s how Valentine’s day has transitioned for Nigerians from years before up until now:

In primary 3, wondering why your least favourite English teacher was rocking red and white clothes in February.

Really appropriating Santa’s culture like it was nothing.

When you learnt about St. Valentine in JSS 2 and wondered why anyone would celebrate someone’s death like that.

Y’all are really getting nasty on a death anniversary?

When you lose a little weight in SS 2 because you were saving your lunch money to buy your boyfriend something nice.

Too bad you eventually caught him at the back os the senior block with his ‘female bestie’.

Was a valentine’s day gift even anything without a card to go with it?

The cringier, the better.

In university, when you learnt the art of breaking up with your girlfriend before Valentine’s to save money.

You did what you had to. (Doesn’t mean you don’t suck)

By Year 3, when your talent for hiking up fees and book prices is completed to cover Valentine’s Day.

It be like that sometimes.

Learning the important tool of unlooking as a corper, when social media blows up on social media.

You and who has money to buy a car as a gift for Instagram?

Pretending to want to go out on Valentine’s Day after a hard day of work and traffic.

When really, sleep is calling your full government name.

How has Valentine’s day changed for you growing up?

While you’re thinking on that, calm your nerves with our blind date trailer. The first episode comes out on Valentine’s Day, 2020.


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