This Woman Just Completed A Solo Trip Around Nigeria And We’re Officially Stans!

March 16, 2020

We know the rona is currently standing in the way of many, many travel plans this year of our lord 2020; but if your name is Fatoki Omotoke and you started a mission to go round Nigeria, with its relative virus safety in 2019, you wouldn’t let that stop you.

So when she completed her journey around Nigeria on the 8th of March, after jumping buses, taxis and high tailing it on bikes in sometimes dangerous, but always exciting situation, we just had to give her the shout out she deserved.

Omotoke Fatoki

We have our group trip – Jollof road, but for the solo traveller, keen on making amazing journies, here are Omotoke’s adventures.

At the Sultan of Sokoto’s Palace.

High tailing it at the German Bridge, Akwa Ibom.

Conquerous at Brass Island, Bayelsa State.

Kicking it in Kogi State.

At the Emir’s Palace, Kano State.

Guys, look at Ado Awaye in Ibadan!

Out and about in Ijebu-Ode.

We loved following her travels! Make sure to follow her at @thattokelady to keep up with more of her adventures.

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