Calling on all UNILAG Alumni and current students, I stand to be corrected but I’m pretty sure these are the top 5 places to eat in UNILAG.

Glamos Rarebits (Shop 10)
Bet you didn’t know Shop 10 is just a nickname and Glamos Rarebits is the real name of this legendary food place, From when it was known as Shop 2 in Red Bricks, to when it became known as Shop 10 behind Jaja Hostel, Glamos is most famous for one thing – it’s Jollof rice which is arguably one of the best in Lagos.


For many people, Mavise was considered to be Shop 10’s number one rival. Although I personally thought Shop 10 served the best jollof rice, Mavise fans would beg to differ.


Like the name might connote, you already know that Salado is all about making great, fresh salads. It’s funny how people found a way to combine their salads with anything they were eating from rice to chips to even beans.

Ewa-agoyin Palace

Eating ewa-agoyin in any other place in UNILAG is unheard of. Ever had ewa-agoyin you don’t even want to eat your mum’s own again? That’s how good it is.  In fact, there were many a people who thought she was adding a bit of jazz to the mix.

Iya Moria

Iya Moria started off at Ozolua before expanding to DLI. Anyone who stayed in those areas ate her food on a daily basis.


Even though they only opened their UNILAG branch in 2015, it didn’t take too long for Olaiya to become a household name for UNILAG students. Known for their fire amala and gbegiri, there’s no way you’d pass through UNILAg without stopping for their food.

Korede’s Spaghetti
Korede’s Spaghetti might be the newest kid on the block but anyone who has tried it out will agree that he deserves a place on this list.

Did we leave your favourite place out? Do you think it deserves a place on this list? Let us know!



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