Sugar Rush Got Pulled But Not These Other Guys?

January 13, 2020

I haven’t seen Sugar Rush yet. I planned to in December when it dropped, but the detty haze of December rocks and 1 or 31 consecutive days of tequila prevented this in 2019.

Then January came and right as I was fixing a date to see it, the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board (NFVSB), the same guys that allowed Parts 1 – 207 of BlackBerry Babes happen —

…pulled it.

Now depending on who you ask, Sugar Rush either got pulled because its handlers only got temporary approval to publish a trailer, release the movie on December 25th and place it in every cinema in Lagos — ever. While also embarking on a heavily covered publicity tour.

What’s not to believe here?

Then there’s that other story that the movie was pulled because of its depictions of the EFCC as an incompetent organisation. You know, same EFCC that is yet to put out a statement on 2 bullion vans sitting pretty outside a civilian’ s home on election morning.

Hmm. Who to believe here.

Let’s pretend we’re leaning towards the second guys and something as silly as a comedic representation of a government agency, could warrant the removal of a movie from cinemas in 2019 (P.S – we’re in a country where ideally free speech should be a given.)

Here are a number of other productions that should be removed from viewing since we ‘re all looking to move a little mad up in this country:

P-Square’s ‘Oga Police’.

For daring to question the police’s abilities to carry out frivolous stops and searches.

Naira Marley’s – Am I A Yahoo Boy?

A song which is more or less a callout of the EFCC, for failing to do its due diligence before carrying out an arrest.

The Police Recruit Movie

Have your eyes been blessed with this scene yet?

All international artistes that make it a point to do this:

Reputable policemen, not private security. Please dears.

Orezi’s Call The Police.

For daring to waste precious police time on a matter as flippant as a stolen heart.

Every Single Fela song, ever.

Because, I mean.

Tony Tetuila’s My Car.

If you think about it, this song exposed a sitting governor’s propensity to hit and run a private citizen’s vehicle without any repercussions.

And taking it to international waters…

Home Alone Parts 1-3.

We think the NFVCB should raise its voice in getting this movie pulled for painting criminals in the worse light. Grown men couldn’t best a 10-year old boy and steal from him? An injustice to thieves everywhere!

Clearly, we’re only fooling around. But join in the fun. What production do you think the NFVCB should pull from airing?

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