I haven’t really sat to watch anything Big Brother since there was still a Big Brother Africa, and even then, it was only that one season with Bayo and was it Tapunwa?

Anyway, against my free will, I have somehow been in the loop for every Big Brother since then. I knew when Mwisho and Meryl got engaged in the house. When Keri Hilson came through to perform for the housemates and even that time Thin Tall Tony showed his ass to the world for some pity votes. I could probably pass a quiz on Big Brother through the years at this rate.

This year’s Big Brother is no different. Even though I still haven’t bothered to find the station showing it, I know there’s some ‘Yoruba blue blood’ in the house. Somebody’s married and someone has been doing Santana Claus for the girls that forgot to bring wigs to the house.

However, I’ve only been getting half-half gist from Twitter, so I need some of my BFFs on Zikoko to help with answering these questions that have been on my mind:

1. Who in that house jumped fence?

Is it Mike with the accent or Awolowo’s grandbaby? I would like to know.

2. Why didn’t this lady make it to the house?


Where is the justice in the world?

3. This moustache? An explanation, now!

Lowkey rocking it though.

4. Oh God, is this guy getting the therapy he needs yet?

Offering to pay for it at this point.

5. LMAO. What was happening here?

Dying at this guy really teaching Mike the correct inflections.

6. Can somebody explain this Seyi and Tacha beef? Why won’t people stop saying he’s a doctor?

What’s up with that?

7. What’s Tacha’s full name? Natacha?

Maybe her first name is Margaret.

8. Can somebody give me context about this exchange?


Also, forward your strongest Babalawo’s number to me. I’ll get it to the house somehow.

9. So does Khafi know about her job situation now or?

Who’s going to tell her?

I need answers, fast!



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