Today, Nigerian twitter is lit with this discussion. Again. Who should pay on a date? But we can all agree that circumstances can be different right? So we thought of 3 instances:

1. If you invite someone out on a date, who should pay?

I may be wrong, but if you set a date up with someone who would otherwise be undisturbed in their house – and not spending money – shouldn’t you pay for whatever activity you both indulge in? Isn’t that just common courtesy? Social etiquette dictates that the person extending the invitation should be the one who pays for the meal. I know some people disagree but come on!

2. When you invite someone out, and they bring their friends, should you pay for the friends too?

Again, I may be wrong, but if someone invites you out on a date, isn’t it just wrong to bring your friends? Asides from the financial implications, the person wanted to spend time with you and you brought a convoy. Then, the person should pay for them too? Really? Come on guys, these issues are not that hard if you just respect the other party. Seriously.

3. When someone organizes a birthday hangout, how should the bills be handled?

See, this is double edged. But let’s try. It’s your friends birthday, they’re inviting you to hangout. Wouldn’t you have thought of giving the person something for their birthday? As a friend, you shouldn’t go and rack up bills for another person that you don’t intend to pay a part of. I mean, who are you?

I don’t disagree with this tweet. Contribute oh! And don’t show up to a party empty-handed. That’s just rude. Guys, it’s just decency and respect. That’s all. If you have those, then you would probably do the right things.

Now to the big question.


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