They say you can’t miss what you never had. (Un) Fortunately for us single pringles, while everyone is collectively worrying about issues like oil prices, practising safe social distancing and lockdown etiquette, we’re excused from worrying about another matter. One of the heart — being apart from your significant other while the coronavirus is contained.

If you’re one with an extreme case of gum-bodying, where physical touch is a primary love language, your case is definitely worse. While everyone is on the look out for Coronavirus symptoms, you’re proudly exhibiting traits of the IMMBD – I Miss My Baby disease.

We caught up with three people who shared their experiences being away from their significant others:

Layomi and Olanrewaju

We live on different continents, I’m in America, he’s in Nigeria, so we’ve been doing this long distance thing for a minute now. It doesn’t help that I’m such a physical person, I’ve had really down episodes where one of us has had to fly in to see the other one short notice because it gets very hard being apart.

With this virus though, that option is just gone. It’s a little harder not knowing the next time I’ll get to see him. We’re trying to remedy this with one of those pillows where if the other sleeps on it, the other would feel it on their end when they lay on it as well. But no one’s shipping to Nigeria and there’s no where he can get it from around him.

The overwheliming feeling is loneliness, no matter how many facetime conversations or movies you watch at the same, it’s just not the same.

Eric and Naajatu

I think my love language is more acts of service, but Naaj is so big on actual contact. Before the virus, she always insisted that we see twice during the week and spend weekends together.

We decided to quarantine apart because one, her parents would never allow her spend all that time with a man she wasn’t married to. And two, I start to feel very smothered when I’m around one person for toov long in the same space. That’s not to say I’m not in love, I just need my space.

So while I don’t mind this lockdown apart, I try to make it up to her by ordering food to her place and having online dinner with her. We have movie nights and we’re currently reading ‘Sapiens’ together. I like how things are currently, and honestly, I’m okay with whatever is decided on lifting or holding the lockdown.

Tiwalola and Gideon

When I say I am stressed. Before the lockdown, my boyfriend was my ride to and from work. He lives in VI, I’m in Lekki Phase one but our different offices are on the third round about. He would pick me from home and drop me off at the end of everyday. We were seeing each other just about every day of the week, and spending weekends together. Do you understand that?

Now I’ve seen him maybe three times during the lockdown. I’m worried about him journeying down here and I don’t want to put him at any risk. He’ll never let me come to meet him. So we’re just over dosing on video calls, Netflix Party and sending each other daily emails. It’s not a suitable substitute for physically being with him, but it’s better than nothing.

How are you holding up during the lockdown?


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