What’s the ultimate go-to for bonding time with your best mates? The perfect reward for a good day at the office? Maybe even a little pick-me-up after a bad one? If your answer is anything but cocktails, we’re going to need you to ease up a bit on this adulting thing friend.

Now, what better place to get the finest cocktails Lagos has to offer, than to treat yourself to the Johnnie Walker and Gordon’s one of a kind bar crawl happening on October 15th?

But first, ground rules.

Eat up before your night out.

So we have good news and good news. Before heading out to sip some of Lagos’ finest cocktails, have a little food pre-party. Eating just enough food to soak up the alcohol, so grub up!

Do not over-do it!

See this girl? I know her, I’ve lived her life and it is not fun, or 18-inch weave friendly. Your belly revolts, trust me.  Might I suggest dropping that cocktail the moment you start to feel the urge to send the fifth risky text of the night? Responsible drinking is the best kind of drinking. Okay? Okay.

Don’t attempt to be a mixologist.

For the love of all things sane and sanitary, please stick to your preferred liquor for the night. Does the world really deserve to know what happens when you mix cocktails with red wine and vodka present? I could go the rest of my life not knowing, and so should you.

Stay Hydrated!

Another golden rule that I am graciously sharing with you today is ‘one for one’. For every cocktail of the night, have a glass of water. Now go forth and prosper.

Absolutely do not drive!

Are we here for a good time and a long time? Yes or yes? The very best thing you can do for yourself is to have a fully charged phone so you can holler at a ride-hailing service as you please, any time of the night. Sober and alive you will thank you the next morning for finally getting this adulting thing right.

Now that you have the ground rules on check, the next thing is to put your bar crawling knowledge to the test. And lucky for you, Gordons and Johnnie Walker have the perfect testing ground, with their upcoming bar crawl to mark the start of cocktail week. To know how to be a part of the incredibly exquisite cocktail crawl, make sure to keep your eyes fixed on the @eat.drink.lagos pages on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by 4 pm today for more information.



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