Gather Round Children, Let’s Discuss How Razz We Really Are

October 25, 2018

As we all know, there has been a long standing battle between ajebutters and ajepakos

Now, while the jury is still out on just what makes you butter or pako; like where exactly do you belong if anointing oil doubles as your body cream, or which place do we put you if you see a crocodile and immediately think — “Lacoste!”?

One thing we can agree on is that whether butter or pako, razzness is at an all time high!

It isn’t even derogatory at this point. It’s a way of life many have chosen. I for one have embraced my razz calling and it didn’t even have to call me, I flashed it twice!

If like me you are now one with the razzness, the following are a number of things you might have experienced:

If you know this dance, and are intimately familiar with it — back arched, tongue out and all; we appreciate your efforts in moving our razz agenda, we’re proud of you!

If you see your friends and greetings like “werey”, “oloshi” and “washere” are not far from your mouth, then we hail you and washere to you too!

Is this how you struggle to hold yourself when Legbe gbe comes on and you haven’t given them the reverse shaku with rotating handkerchief combo?

What is a spoon and fork when meat is staring at you with confidence? If Dangote likes, he should be in front of you, this is how you handle any obstacle

If you and your friends have done group-shoki in the club, we love you. Let’s sit down and discuss dance moves sometime

This one isn’t really razz oh, but if this has ever been your face when you’ve heard people discussing entering Ubers, but you know in your heart of hearts, you can enter bike from Ikeja to Awoyaya, we’re giving you honourary razz membership. Just take it like that!

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