Macho rules are nothing but lies insecure men cooked up. Let them call you weak if they like. Does that make you less manly? Only you can decide.

Be the “man” of the house

What does this term mean exactly? You’re already the man of the house because of your gender. It doesn’t need to come with specific roles or perks for it to count. Embrace equality today, please.

Unhealthy boundaries

Don’t allow unnecessary bromance breed contempt. Your space is precious. Unserious bros should let you breathe small.

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Changing tires

Why does anyone think you can automatically handle jack just because you’re a man? Did the knowledge come preinstalled in your penis?

Fixing gen

You can’t even change a tire, it’s now gen you want to fix? They have no idea the only thing you can do is change the engine oil.

Killing snake

Don’t try this except you’re straight out of “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow”.

Become a bouncer

Masculinity isn’t a sufficient criterion to become a glorified security guard. Abeg o.

No, please. I’d rather take a nap.

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Become a pallbearer

Since the beginning of the world, men have been carrying dead bodies. Why us?

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