There’s a common belief that all Nigerian men do is drink, smoke and womanise. We’re not sure how this became such a widely-held concept, but with the way Yoruba men move, we understand. 

However, there’s more to them than booze and women, so we made a list of other things Nigerian men hold dear.


Okay, this one’s a little obvious, but did you know this game has saved lives and relationships? Thanks to football, girlfriends now have nothing to worry about because they’re sure only UEFA games keep us late outside.

Zikoko Memes

Visiting friends

Haven’t you heard that a man’s friend’s home is a home away from home? 

Zikoko Memes

Board games

Nothing beats the banter Nigerian men throw while playing chess or ludo. And in case you don’t know, we learn to strategise by playing ayo.

Vigorous fitness 

It’s more than just lifting iron and staying fit; it’s a lifestyle. Going to the gym is actually very addictive.

Zikoko Memes

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If we love football, why can’t we make money from it? Who doesn’t want to become a millionaire overnight?

Nigerian men hold dear
Zikoko Memes


Sightseeing, clearing the head, discovering new areas or just driving like we’re a character in Fast X. We love it all.

Nigerian men hold dear
Zikoko Memes

Infinite scrolling through social media

Some of us live for scrolling endlessly on Instagram and Twitter, we live for monthly dumps and banter.

Zikoko Memes

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