Nigerian men may claim that they’re not natural skincare geniuses, and they’re not wrong, but there are some products they hate to run out of.

The legendary 8-in-1 body wash

Nigerian men would rather save the money and energy required to own and apply eight different products to have one magic bottle to do it all.

Pink lip balm

We all know pink lips are synonymous with looking good in Nigeria. Apart from the confidence boost from your fellow men when they say, “See as you fresh, guy,” women find it attractive. It’s a win-win situation.

Petroleum jelly

This is basically the 8-in-1 body wash for skincare. Name a better all-rounder. It can replace hair cream, body cream AND lip balm, and that’s why it’s a winner for Nigerian men. 

Perfume oil

Nigerian men and their perfume oil? They love their appearances, but when they smell better than their good looks, they reach their final forms.

Beard oil

Grooming is all that differentiates an unkempt man from a member of the beard gang. Buy a man some beard oil today, and he’ll rub it up and want to step out in a second. Why? Fresh beard, new flex.

Shaving stick

If there’s an inanimate object that Nigerian men have an intimate relationship with, it’s shaving sticks. When they need a quick shave for an impromptu outing, or they’re expecting a sneaky link, it delivers faster than their barbers. But it has to be a good one, like BIC Flex 2, for extra smoothness.

Guess who has decided to pave the way for Nigerian men in the grooming and self-care space? Read more about how BIC Encourages Self-Care and Confidence in Nigerian Men.



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