We’re not over the problematic Shella ship, Hermes’ dancing and all the other beautiful things of BBNaija season seven, and Multichoice has decided to hit us with Big Brother Titans

Nigerians under one roof are chaotic enough, but now adding South Africans?! We sha don’t mind, as long as the housemates they chose avoid these ten things: 

Fake accents 

We don’t want to hear people switch between British and ameri-igbo accents this year, please. 


What respectful big brother allows his siblings to live under one roof and still do romance with each other? It’s giving incest. Not every time relationship, sometimes, chaos. Anybody who wants to watch people in love should watch Love Island. 

Pity strategy 

We’ll only vote for people who will entertain us. The most exciting thing about a contestant can’t be that they never ate chicken before the house. 

Lying about age 

Everybody should behave themselves. It’s 2023. Nobody will hate you just because they think you’re too young or old.

People separating fights 

You’ll see two people about to fight, and one oversabi will go and do peacemaker. If you don’t geddifok. 

Broke-shaming people 

We love to see the banter between housemates, but we draw the line where housemates and stans start insulting people’s parents and calling them poor. 

Talking about fans outside 

It’s always the ones without fans that’ll not let us hear word. Any housemate we see analysing the past BBNaija seasons, reminiscing about the things they miss outside the house, or talking about the fans waiting for them, instead of actually giving us content will go home.

Judging people based on their appearance 

We don’t know how many times we have to say this. Tattoos, piercings and loc’d or coloured hair don’t make people wayward. If you still think this in 2023, you’re the problem. 

Fake rumours 

We still can’t tell who started the rumour about Phyna and Groovy’s sexcapades. On #BBTitans, we want to see people own their bad bitchery. If you’re going to gossip, gossip with your full chest. 

Unnecessary twists

This one is for the organisers. We keep saying we want drama that’ll keep us on our ten toes, but those unnecessary plot twists really just stress us out. 

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