For people who’ve made it so far on the show, this season’s housemates seem to have lost sight of the main goal — ₦100 million! Seeing as everyone’s main focus now is their ships.

A recap of the previous week: 

Hermes won the Head of House games

We were beginning to worry that his ship with Allyson was affecting his game, but this win proved otherwise. And trust him to choose Allyson as his assistant to share the head of house lounge.

Hermes exercises veto power

For the first time this season, Biggie gave the head of house the veto power to save a nominated housemate. So Hermes saved Adekunle and put Bryan in his place. Even though Bryan took it like a champ, he said he’d expected it after his altercation with Hermes. 

Housemates were sharing breakfast

No, it’s not the type of breakfast you’re thinking. These housemates served their partners actual breakfast in bed. Bella put in extra effort to make sure she could get the surprise ready for Sheggz before he woke up. While Eloswag took it a step further by not just making breakfast for Chomzy but proceeding to feed her. God whenst?

Doyin and Chizzy, a budding romance? 

Biggie’s resident rider, Chizzy, known for catching cruise and hating on ships, seemed to have gotten really fond of Doyin. They spent most of last week bantering and subtly flirting, and we loved to see it. 

The Shella and Rachel fight

Mr and Mrs Ikoyi tag-teamed to fight Rachel because of beef, like literal beef. It quickly escalated to name-calling and Bella “accidentally” pouring the food on the floor. These housemates clearly don’t know the price of rice in the market now. SMH. 

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Housemates won their wager 

The housemates put in extra hours to prepping for their dance presentation, except for Bella and Sheggz. Biggie however, asked them to apologise to their fellow housemates for their lack of participation. All in all, it was a well-deserved win. 

Bella and Sheggz each got a strike

The star ship each got a strike, but for different reasons. Bella’s was for provoking Rachel, while Sheggz had constantly failed to carry out the tasks assigned to him as tail of the house. 

Ebuka shook tables

As usual, on the Sunday eviction show, Ebuka decided to shake a few tables. Only, this time, he just might’ve broken the table when he asked Bella why she was always apologising to Sheggz. And if being called “stupid”, “fool”, and the likes was her love language. But Bella said she only allowed it cause she was in love, and Sheggz was trying to change. 

Multiple evictions and twists

On Sunday, Doyin, Eloswag and Chomzy were evicted. But Biggie couldn’t seem to let them go, so he added another twist. A level three! The three evicted housemates would stay in a separate house as Biggie’s guests. Afterwards, they’d be allowed back into the main house only to be evicted on the 18th. 

Phyna is the new Head of House

After the games yesterday, for the first time this season, a former level two housemate is head of house. We’re particularly excited to see what Phyna has up her sleeve this week. 

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